Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Falling Together

It's been a stressful past couple of years, to say the least, but my art survives the artist folly, and I am regenerating. There'd been a terribly complicated matter that led to the loss of my inventory catalog of paintings... and most ALL of my collection of actual unsold paintings ... my personal collection. Many where rescued by the general public from tragic fate by those who just happened to see art that they liked -- that is the biggest honor an artist can receive, and I am thankful to those people!! Some works of my art have sadly met fates unknown to me still. What can I say now other than the modern phrase that "*it happens"; Floods and financial disaster have plagued many an artist in the past and they still persevered through the trauma -- as I intend to do. Not that I equate myself with a Master by any means, but Picasso said something to the effect that once an artwork leaves the artists' studio it has a life of its own -- independent of the creator whether sought or sold. May my creations life well!