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Welcome to the lair of artist Tree Pruitt.  
"I was a PBS baby born into the smelting pot of 1970's America; Acid Rock ruled, the Cold War was chilling us, Calder was still hanging around, and Yoko had already said 'yes'. I soaked up everything I could -- ah, culture -- and the voice of cultural expression was art!"

Original Abstract Representational artwork reflecting the subjects of New-Age spirituality & mysticism, nature, social commentary & existentialism. Many of Tree Pruitt's creations combine skills from a variety of resources in order to create unique works of art in Contemporary & traditional painting styles. Sculpture, assemblage, & ACEO mini art cards are also included among her fine art offerings.

"Her Alchemy" painting by Tree Pruitt
"Her Alchemy"

"I'm a totally self educated artist. Most of my work begins with the flash of a new idea, an old memory, or a burning question. Over the years I've studied & striven for a voice of personal expression of my own and that search is, for the most part, what drives my paintings to a finish. Painting, like no other activity, seems to allow my sub-conscience mind to speak with an external voice. Very often a negative frame of mind will transform through the paint into an attractive image and the transmutation is healing."  

paintings by Tree Pruitt

Tree Pruitt has had a life long passion for the arts. She was born in 1971, so her earliest art influences stemmed from the American Modernist movements that dominated the era. During her childhood she won many awards for her creative concepts and skill of execution, both inside the public school system and within private competition. Requests for her paintings and drawings as home decor began as early as the age of nine years. Today she also creates gallery quality Native American style ritual items for use in ceremony, often using primitive methods and her own interpretation of style.

"Dreamscape" painting by Tree Pruitt

Working primarily with both oil and acrylic paints, Tree often incorporates the concept of verbal communication into the realm of visual expression. Though she would protest the use of a social label, the majority of her work falls into the category of Conceptual Art. Having a fondness for allegory, she often invests effort into research of symbols used through all ages that can still speak to the inner mind of mankind today. Many times a concept develops to the point that it becomes very different from what the artist originally felt, allowing her to transmute the energy and express a greater depth; Tree feels that this reflects the natural progression of communication and evolution of the human spirit. Through research, meditation, and other spiritual devises, it has been said that she has developed an ability to allow the collective unconscious to speak aloud in dreamlike images. With the devotion of a lifetime this self taught artist’s goal is to achieve a style that speaks to the soul.

"Act Like A Patriot" collage painting by Tree Pruitt
"Act Like A Patriot"

"An artists function is the mythologization of the environment and the world." -- Joseph Campbell

On occasion, her muse will smack Tree with a pen rather than a paintbrush, and she feels compelled to write. The results may be songs, poetry, New-Age prayers, articles, blog entries, or existentialistic ponderings. Over the years her efforts have been published in periodicals such as Circle Network News Magazine, Llewellyn's New World Publications newsletter, as well as various local newspapers, websites and newsletters across America. Tree is also an affiliated member of BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) as a lyricist and song writer. In addition, Tree has begun her first fiction novel that should prove to be of interest to those who enjoy paranormal based horror.
Read poetic material, both previously published and unpublished at, "My Ink Spots" (new).

"To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's aim." -- Oscar Wilde

"Were I called on to define, very briefly, the term Art, I should call it 'the reproduction of what the Senses perceive in Nature through the veil of the soul.' The mere imitation, however accurate, of what is in Nature, entitles no man to the sacred name of Artist." -- Edgar Allan Poe

*Earlier dated art and handmade crafts by this artist may also be signed as Theresa Green, Teri Green, T. Pruitt, or simply as "Tree".

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