My handmade arts and crafts come in a variety of forms because there is very often a thin line between Assemblage Art and hand crafting; I love to look at one thing and imagine it as another. On my home website I have a section devoted to handmade and hand decorated crafts.

Tree's Jewelry, is my new blog for featuring the jewelry that I craft.

I also enjoy expressing my spiritual nature through art and also create handcrafted ceremonial ritual tools such as magic wands, rattles, staffs, talking sticks, pentacles & painted hand drums. These items may be used in ceremony by nearly any religion, though most items I craft are Earth-Based Native American in style or influence. I only work on spiritual crafts when in a positive frame of mind & phase of the Moon for the best transfer of positive energy. If you are interested in the witchy side of life please visit my other blog, "Witch Whats" http://www.witchwhats.com and/or my home site, Realm of the Mystic Griffin.