Photo Art

Photomanipulations are art images that exist only within the digital realm of the computer until brought to life through the printing process. Unlike thick oil or acrylic paints a digital image must discover texture without the aide of a 3-D world because a print is flat and smooth. Pixels, grains, and high contrasts are allowed within the resulting prints intentionally to give the image texture and added depth; Pixels and ripples are modern brush strokes much like the Impressionists and Pointillist strokes of days gone by. My digital art works begin with either a photograph straight from the camera, a scanned photograph, or a scan of an original drawing or painting. The image is then carefully worked through various digital programs to produce results that express a blending of humanity and technology.

See my art at Check for prints of select photomanipulation art by Tree Pruitt at deviantART and browse a collection of images at my ArtWanted portfolio too.

Photomanipulation portrait of the artist, by Tree Pruitt


*Original art images ©Tree Pruitt, unless otherwise indicated. Contact the artist prior to ANY use.

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