Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Brightening the Post-Holiday with Blues

"Crystal Water" wire mobile by TE Pruitt. In the depths of Winters moody darkness it's helpful and fun to find projects to craft that will add a bright spot to your spirit. I decided to craft up a new brightness in our lives by making a glass bead wire mobile. The holiday season this year found our home filled with sparkle, light, and decoration, but after it had passed taking down the ol' Yule tree left us feeling less than festive. Once replaced, the candle holder that usually hangs in the archway where the lit tree had been sitting looked dark and dull. I didn't want us starting a new year with a dull feeling hanging around, so that's where I put the mobile! A slight touch or a breeze will start the beads to movement, catching the light and also moving Chi life energy around. I wrapped some quartz crystals and used blue beads that look like frozen drops of water and captured air; We here are both Fire signs, so the energy of Water should offer a calming balance to us and Air should feed the fire of our creativity. At the bottom of the mobile hangs a faceted heart which not only sparkles nicely but hangs there to represent the desire for our loving energy to continue to effect our environment in positive ways and for that love to grow in the coming year. Over time too the steel wire will likely oxidize a bit changing into a nice warm red, which will certainly cause us to continue to enjoy the piece as well as serving as a reminder that change can be a good thing. Overall it's just a hanging wire mobile, but as with everything handmade it's what it means to the person enjoying it that matters most!
 Now that the excitement of the holiday season has passed don't let your inner artist go hungry... feed it some good energy by crafting up a project that will light up your life in some way that's special to you!

Happy new year to you all! --Tree
"Crystal Water" wire mobile by TE Pruitt.
"Crystal Water" wire mobile by TE Pruitt.

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