Friday, June 20, 2014

A Flash of Fiction

I had a fun little experience with words the other evening, and the result turned into 'Flash Fiction'. Flash Fiction is just what it sounds like, but for most writers it's more complicated than it seems because the entire story has to be word-painted in a very small space. The fun thing about it is that the limited space forces some of the traditional story elements to get pushed aside - unwritten. Those elements must then be insinuated or implied within the written storyline, and the ending is often open or questioning, leaving individual readers to create different interpretations.
 I didn't set out to write at all that night, especially not knowing much about Flash Fiction. My goal was to fill a need for written words to add to a visual collage. It didn't really matter what the words meant as I didn't think they'd be read-able in the art anyway. Because I'd removed all restrictions it seems that creativity flowed, and before I knew it I'd written a little 'something'. I never did add written words to that collage project, but in the next few days I did move with a succession of creative ideas and art related problem solving, so I can't help but feel that I patted the Muse's back by letting the writing out and She patted mine by zooping up my projects with fresh energy.

Read my mysterious Flash Fiction foray titled, What Now. 

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