Sunday, May 10, 2009

Painting Spotlight

Le Morte D`Arthur, or The Death of Arthur, is a mysterious still life oil painting that was added to my online portfolio early on, and it has recently been brought to light again by a fellow artist.
Le Morte D`Arthur

Dear friend to all and fabulous artist, Armando Salas, chose my canvas as his pic of the day in a special member gallery! Each day members of the site who browse the work of others can choose a single image as a top or favorite of the day. Artwanted then catalogs them for browsing by date so that future visitors can see these spotlighted artworks. I'm really glad Armando enjoyed another visit to my portfolio, and I sure hope others will stop by too; comments are welcomed!

Below is a small snap of the page showing "Le Morte D`Arthur" among other artwork from Pics of the Day: 05/10/09


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Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Easy to see why that was a favorite of the day Tree! It is certainly my favorite of all the ones shown. And I'm not just saying that cause I know you either..LOL


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