Saturday, September 12, 2009

Medicine Woman Painting Near Finished

Recently I was overcome with the urge to sort of doodle, to allow imagery free flow from within, and the un-finished canvas shown here is the result. I had lain down to go to sleep, a few days ago, when the mental pictures began to flow. I grabbed some sketch paper to take notes and refer back to the next day. Tonight I feel as if I've worked this piece to a state of being very close to finished, so I took a couple of quick snap shots to look at it in a different way. Since it was moving towards evening the photos are dark, but I think the elements can all be seen well enough for now. Clicking an image will open a slightly larger version in a new window. The entire painting is done with Liquitex Acrylics and Prismacolor Pencils on canvas.

Generally a painting is well planned, or even fully mapped out, but I've had fun allowing this one to grow as it seemed to like. I can't say what inspired the concept; sometimes these things just happen. I've been in a phase of using Impressionistic brush strokes a little on the wild side, so it's been a bit of a challenge to switch back to Realism ... but this painting isn't exactly 'reality' based, is it? The main character is a young Native American woman wearing eagle feathers in her hair and a poignant expression; perhaps she's only recently discovered her Path as a Medicine Woman, perhaps she looks upon us with compassion. Her vision emerges from the energy of spider, the weaver of life. Behind her is the strong presence of raven, who is nearly always a symbol of magic in cultures and mythology. Behind her hovers a white moth intended to portray the presence of the spirits of ancestors. The background houses spirit orbs, pine trees, distant mountains, and a salamander in the Full Moon watches over the valley below.

I think I'll work on her jewelry accessories a bit more, and perhaps add a touch of a silver glint to the spider webbing in places. Whatever my choices are, when the painting IS finished I'll happily show it here in a better light.

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