Sunday, September 20, 2009

Influences; A Painting on Paper

Influences is a multi-media painting on paper by Tree Pruitt.
I found myself awakened in the middle of the night and unable to drift back to sleep right away, so I decided to let my pencil wander through a bit of relaxed drawing; the little painting in this entry is the end result. I didn't seem to have anything in particular in mind but shapes and forms began to flow alright. By the time the paper seemed to have a composition to the group of images I was able to pleasantly drift back to sleep. The next day I worked the color and forms to a more refined level with Holbein water color paint, Derwent watercolor pencils, Prismacolor pencils, some acid free collage papers, and acrylic paint thinned with acrylic gloss varnish. I've included a couple of close-up views here, (though Blogger seems to show my images a bit darker than they should).
Clicking on an image will open a larger version, for a better look; you may need to click the page back to return here from viewing the image.

I had a good time and enjoyed working with the high key colors. The vibrant blue and pink are both created from Holbein brand water color paint. The 'Opera' creates a super hot pink and rich warm orange tones. The 'Peacock Blue' is probably my favorite blue of any brand or paint medium! These colors really "pop" more so than my camera and Blogger will pick-up. The butterfly and giant thumbprint are pre-printed collage paper I adhered with PVA glue, as well as the areas of artist tissue paper to the right side of the piece and over the moon like shape. The black dots are created with acrylic painted and gloss varnish that I allowed to thicken by drying slightly. I later added highlights to the dots in areas by pressing the painting onto another piece of paper, which when pulled away left small amounts of paper fiber stuck to the highest points of the dots. I personally think the differences in texture, layer and color are pleasing.

It wasn't until my husband walked by the studio table and remarked on the piece that I realized it was a self portrait - which seems silly now, in hindsight, that I hadn't noticed before! There are several metaphysical symbols within the painting that relate to myself, my eyes are green, and the inclusion of the nose ring on the same side as my own should have been a give-away! Now that my eyes are more open, I've enjoyed looking at the painting to interpret what my subconscious was leaking onto the paper, (and still chuckling at myself for not having been more aware). So, I've aptly title the piece as "Influences", and leave it up to the viewer to decide what each element may represent. ;)

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