Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wrapped In Red Painting Progress

I started this canvas painting of a woman wrapped in red fabric near the end of Summer and have been casually working it along. It's not a portrait, in fact there's no real reference image being used, and there's really no hidden symbolism involved; it's a fictitious scene of decorative art simply for the pleasure of painting. I'd like it to have a sensual feel of feminine energy - a boudoir - without being overtly sexual.

"Wrapped In Red"

The images above show a very early stage, taken in day light, and also the results of my painting session this evening. It's an exercise, as each painting is in truth an exercise of one sort or another. Without a live model, or reference photos, it's been difficult to remember to be mindful of light sources and reflections, but I'm confident it will come around in the end. The most important factor for myself is that I was able to really relax while painting and allow the image to grow without too much worry of what's "correct". It's clear to see that a long necklace of pearls has been added, as well as definition to the eyes. The painting hanging on the wall within the room is a representation of my "The Ragnar Waits", which is an oil painting of a boat dock. Peacock feathers stand out on the background dresser, adding an air of romance, yet always to myself a symbol of the mystic female; the eye of the Goddess. There's much more to be done, but I'm happy with the progress I've made thus far.

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