Friday, August 8, 2008

Seahorse ACEO

I've broken the ice and made my first ACEO! Giving myself a little play time the other night, I thought of the monthly WWAO challenge. I'm currently a member of Worldwide Women Artists Online, which is an international collective of women artists showing & selling our original art through the worldwide web. Each month, group leaders pose a topic or subject for each artist to challenge herself with in her chosen media. It's a casual event, shown privately within the group, so it's an excellent opportunity to test yourself with something new.
The theme of the August Challenge is "Nautical". Having lived near the ocean for most of my life, I'm excited that a favorite topic came up.
So with my thoughts drifting towards ocean memories, I began to admire my curio collection. I've a small hoard of flotsam and jetsam gathered over the years. Sitting out on a studio table was a dried little seahorse I'd collected after a Florida storm when I was a child. In between artistic work times in the studio I'm moving my collections into specimen mount display cases. The seahorse was awaiting its new home, but at that moment the shapes begged for exploration. I grabbed a specimen hang tag, a pencil, and doodled out a drawing in play. Sitting back to check out the final line, I liked what I saw. Thinking that it was too cute to tuck away in a drawer, I pulled out my basket of collage supplies.
I got out a stack of papers and quickly selected a few, because I knew what colors I wanted right away. It was GOOD to get back to collage! Sadly, the project was over far too soon, so I'll have to do another right away, ha! The bottom of the tag, where the drawing sets, was perfect to cut off and add to the center of the tag. By doing so, it created a hang tag in the ACEO size!
It simply hadn't occurred to me before to make an ACEO. I often paint small when working one of my Spiritkeepers Stones, though an animal on a pebble is different from a full scene in a mini canvas space; the smallest Spiritkeepers Stone to date is a 1/4" tall baby penguin! I suppose I knew how perfectly addictive the world of the ACEO could become. Look out for more to come because ACEO's are fun!

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