Monday, September 1, 2008

Fresh Catch; Minoan Dolphins

 "Playin' Around", an acrylic painting of Minoan dolphins fresh off of the easel.

The title of this small painting speaks for all aspects of its making. My computer is off and on the fritz and won't be fixed until later in the week, so I've have plenty of off line time to play with the paints. I thought I'd take this chance to show a quick couple of snap shots of the results of my own playing around. The photos are a little dark because I didn't wait until the daylight, but there will be much better images soon.

The Minoan dolphin fresco of Knossos has been a strong image in my mind. I'd been working on drum heads painted with the dolphin and really needed to take a break from the tight, tidy lines of decorative painting. I have a new selection of colors in yummy thick Liquitex and was happy to give them another testing out. This 11" x 14" canvas board painting has five different blues, (which I think is ironic because the subject matter is so "happy" yet the piece is painted with the "blues"). Liquitex has an Unbleached Titanium that is a very nice neutral tone, yet holds warmth, and I enjoy it as a shadow to Titanium White and also as a highlight to Raw Sienna. I have some old bright brushes that give off a nice large round stroke, so I started hacking in the shapes with Payne's Gray; there was no actual black used, only implied with red and Payne's Gray. Bouncing around the board with various paints, I finished with a favorite round bristle brush (size 1000) for smaller strokes. The whole piece was painted mimicking the motion of dolphins in water... darting, quick paced, sharp movement with graceful turns. I had a good time painting it and I certainly hope that comes through to the viewer.

'Til later... be well!

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