Saturday, September 13, 2008

Guarding Monk Mummies ACEO Gargoyle Art

Title: Guarding Monk Mummies
ACEO Original Gargoyle Art

This image began as a digital print from one of my sketch book pages. Though there may be other printings of the drawing, this version is unique and one of a kind. The digital print was then hand colored with acrylic paints and quality Prismacolor pencils. Printed on acid free card stock paper, plastic protection sleeve included. Signed as "T P", lower right.
 *NOTE; Image shown is a scan of the actual card for online showing; card will likely be considered as looking much better in person because the printed card has a better resolution than you see here.

*Original art images ©Tree Pruitt, unless otherwise indicated. Contact the artist prior to ANY use or for purchase information.

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