Friday, February 6, 2009

Nature Goddess Next Stage of Sculpture

We've reached a new stage of development, this sculpture and myself. This is something that is growing, emerging from within and expressing itself outward; like the seed of a living plant. As yet unpainted like the largest conch, I have added a colony of the woody tree fungus. Formed in paper clay, the shapes cascade, as of yet unpainted, down the trunk form. I've always enjoyed the grace offered by such forms within living nature, having spent hours visually honoring the growths.

The task was simple enough, but required time and patience. The paper clay adheres well to itself but I took some precautionary measures. I first moistened the general area where a new growth-like shape would sit. I used drops of water from my fingertip so as to avoid saturation. Then, pinching off a bit of clay with moistened fingers, I gave the piece a general fan like shape. It was then pushed onto the main body, then slid up and down until I felt a grab. Using fingers and tools the new conchs edges were smoothed into a firm placement. At this point I moved on to another piece to allow for some drying time. After adding a second fungus shape I moved back to the first to pinch and push it into a more realistic form. The slight drying time allows the piece to achieve folds, cracks and surface wrinkles that such tree fungus actually has in life. They have dried well enough, having set in the hot sunlight, and I'll likely add a base coat of paint soon to bring the new portions into tone with the larger conch shape.
I'm not trying to imitate Nature, but to represent Her with my own artistic voice. I look forward to sharing what next develops with this piece, and enjoy helping this Goddess image emerge!

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  1. Wonderful work Tree! You always come up with the coolest art. :)


  2. Thank you Sharon! You know I value your artist eye!

  3. It's coming along great Tree! I am enjoying watching your progress on this :-)


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