Monday, September 5, 2011

Shells , Scales and Smooth

 Shells , Scales and Smooth is the title of a new ArtFire collection curated by member artisan, CactusCroneCreations, filled with the beauty of amphibians and reptiles. Personally, I love turtles and salamander, I think frogs are great, and snakes are lovely; All of these creatures are lovely in life, but this collection of art and jewelry adds an extra spark to Nature's work! I'm very pleased to have an original ACEO painting taking part in this group too... "Salamander Moon".
 I often pull my inspirations from myths and legends, putting pieces together to make my own puzzle. The salamander is considered to be a Fire Elemental within many cultures, and a Native American name for the August Full Moon is "The Red Moon", so in my world that moon is red because an Elemental has curled upon it for the season, adding heat to the moon's cool night.

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