Friday, September 2, 2011

Moody Blues Special

It's great fun to take part in the community of artists online. Currently, I have a painting that has been chosen for a member curated gallery feature at This particular collection is themed, "Moody Blues", which is not only an honor but happens to be the name of one of my favorite music bands! The painting of mine shown in the Collection is titled, "Vishnu Sleeping" and is a representation of the Hindu God Vishnu sleeping in the pool of the subconscious realm. This painting shimmers with an unusual combination of both art mediums and brush strokes. The left half is done in oil paint, carefully applied in a basket weave stroke, so as to catch the light best. This side is very tight and conformed - restrained. The right side is acrylic paint, some metallic shimmering blue and mildly pearlized white. The strokes are loose and wandering, yet hold to an inherent design. Overall the piece expresses the division of energy through the metaphysical concept of Force and Form. Yet, at the top, Divine Concordance hovers as the vibrant sphere.
 There is a great selection of blue treasures here, curated by ArtFire member WildflowerzCottage, to buy or browse here that won't leave you feeling like the color's reputation implies. Please do browse and enjoy this assortment of arts!

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